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Engagement and alignment - You can't have one without the other.

High performing teams are made up of fully engaged members working in alignment toward common goals with shared values. But engagement and alignment are not states that always persist once achieved. Getting to and maintaining alignment and engagement takes more than good management, it takes strong leadership.

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Make Better Decisions By Proving Yourself Wrong

When making an important decision, we try and weigh all the options to come to the best conclusion. Unfortunately, most of us miss an important step when considering the options that leads to making the wrong choice. This problem is easy to overcome. Just spend some time trying to prove yourself wrong.

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Why Many Employee Feedback Systems Resemble an Abusive Relationship

Good ideas can come from anywhere so we all know to encourage employee feedback. The hard part is making sure how we treat the feedback we get provides value to the organization rather than encouraging employees to disengage. The secret is trust, and the onus is on management.

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