Who I Am


I started my career as a creative, working as a print and web designer for small agencies. I then moved from graphic designer to creative director, advertising manager and a few years as an organizational strategist.

I have run a marketing communications agency specializing in digital channel integration for 9 years.

I have two boys (age 16 and 26) and a granddaughter (age 4). My wife of 17 years still puts up with me.

I am a musician - or at least a drummer - and have been playing for 30 years.

Things I do


Marketing Agency

Viaduct is a marketing communications agency that offers creative, strategic and technology solutions.


Record Label

Lithos Records is an independent music label and associated production company.


Studio Software

Studio Ally is online support software for performing arts studios.


Organization Tool

Duct Ponds is a simple organization tool to keep track of projects and data snippets.


Educational Network

Teachade is an online social network and resource directory for educators.


Post Scheduler

Feedtroff is a simple social media post scheduling tool.

In the works…


Awards and Apparel

The Awesome Club of Awesomeness offers awards for being awesome - and cool t-shirts.



"Take That, Hippie" is a book about how to be more environmentally friendly and save money without becoming a hippie.


Service Support

Schedule Ally is support software for schedule related business (Massage therapists, spas, etc…)


Book Publisher

Mercurial Press is sales, marketing and technology support for independent authors


Media Production

5 Element Productions is sales, marketing and technology support for martial arts video productions

Stuff to Check Out


My Old Blog

A blog and podcast I did on Marketing, Business & Management from September 2006 to January 2011.


Color Tool

A online color tool to convert color spaces, find matching and "half-way" colors and more.